A Start.


What in world is a writer? That’s a question I will use to describe myself.

IF you are reading my blog I’m pretty sure you already know my name. Its Atul Aditya. I’m 16. I could have gone into the details of the origin of that name but its then a waste of words. Anyways I was saying what’s a writer… well first of all he’s someone who’s in love with language. Be it any language. He/She (I’m not a male chauvinist but since I’m a he,  I’ll refer to the writer as a he.) will use all the words he has in his dictionary to make people fall in love with he  has written… Every  write-up of his is another valentine of his. I guess that’s pretty much it plots and details are attributes of a good planner and a person who is an excellent plotter and knows how to sell their goods.

So yes… I’m in love with a language and its English.. I love it as it offers me as much words as I’d want of the expressive or scientific quality, whatever I want.. I also like Hindi as it is one language which has words which one can use to easily show respect… but that’s not what I want the most. So for now, I hope you will bear with me for rest of my journey as I explore the English language through the means of a novel. I never said I was just a writer, I believe I’m a good plotter too. 🙂

Best Wishes Readers, I give them because I need it too.

P.S.: That picture is just to make my page look pretty. Ignore it completely.


First Post Embarassing Write-up

Turning a new post into something magical is a hard task…. You surely won’t want to post something saying that what a first post should be…. because basically its your first post and you don’t know anything about posting a first post….. Anyways I’d like to tell aspiring writers like me that don’t be ashamed to post whatever have you written because what your heart says is always above the judgement people pass over it!! (PS : Doesn’t meant u can get away with racism etc.)