Filler Post

Sorry people…. This post arrives a little late! As always an examination was behind this delay…

With little progress in my novel it’s impossible to post anything now. And cramming too much in my head for the exams have given me a severe case of writer’s block. (A Writer’s block refers to several dates, outings, movies with friends after exams). Maybe it’s very irresponsible to take these recesses over my sole dream of working hard for publishing a good book. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?

Anyways, I find this time great  to read new books. You can’t ever get short of being inspired. Also it was important to watch Castle episodes during this time. How can an aspiring writer ever miss those greatly crafted sentences and amazing mysteries, fabulous one-liners.?

Taking a vacation off this blog when I hadn’t even started anything was a bad but involuntary choice. So this post is mostly filler for the time gap. And I’m working hard to think of a great new way to present my characters in the novel. Meanwhile, I’d like your two cents over which narrative is better – First or Third person?

One thought on “Filler Post

  1. Third person or 1st person with changing POV along with author’s narrative of events in general is the best way of story writing in my view. But yeah one should write in what they find themselves at home.

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