Annie Stops Time Frankly Chapter 5 – How Not to Fly in Space

Annie Stops Time Frankly


Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.


  How Not To Fly In Space



“That’s not my fault!” Annie complained.

“Yeah I know, but for now it doesn’t matter. What matters is the story.”

“Do you have a dual personality disorder? One moment you are all excited and starry-eyed and then next become so mean.”

“Not my fault. It’s in my genes. We don’t like it when we are bored, which is what you do when you complain so much. Doesn’t your mind get low on new topics to have an argument.. “ Kalazi said but Annie interrupted him.

“Tell me this how would you feel if you wake up one morning just to be picked up and be forced to find some old dirty socks, you find a bundle of them and then you are thrown in it, after that someone comes along picks you up, and asks you to describe all kinds of socks you saw and how they smelt.” Annie said angrily.

“I don’t see how that relates to the present situation.”

“Well neither do I, but it seems almost equally awful.”

Annie and Kalazi stayed silent for almost a minute, before Kalazi spoke. “It seems almost impossible that you could complete the story, we have absolutely no rapport.”

“Well we have three days.”

“So you are willing to tell the story.”

“Yeah I am willing to tell the story, you know. It’s for the first time I think I am in absolute control of events around me. I think that power has gone to my head.”

“So no more arguing?” asked Kalazi wide-eyed.

“Yep, no more.”

“Well that would be much duller.”

“I thought you said you don’t want to argue.” Annie inquired confusedly.

 “No I said no more complaining, arguing is fine. It even helps in the police work.”

“Good Enough.” sighed Annie.

“So you saw part of a ship break away.” Kalazi repeated the last part of story so Annie wouldn’t repeat any.

“Heard! I heard part of a ship break away. The ship came to a stop, and Wren asked us to suit up and evacuate instantly. Zion turned on the emergency power and told us that he was going in the control deck below to check out the hardware failures and to destroy the violet box, which I guessed must be synonymous to our black box. Wren walked into a glass tube write next to Zion’s panel  where a mechanical suit was screwed over him piece by piece what I thought to be scrap robo parts when I’d seen them seconds before. He was done in 30 seconds making him almost four times larger. He indicated me to follow suit, no pun intended.” Annie drew a breath. “Now, I was already a little light-headed from being thrown away by a fusion bomb. So, I don’t remember myself walking over  to the tube and how it felt when it formed itself over me. I’m guessing like Iron Man. But I feel like I got a really heightened sense of awareness when a needle was painlessly pushed through my arm.”

“Uh…oh!” exclaimed Kalazi interrupting Annie.

“For what?”

“Well I guess it must be Sachlorezene IX, given immediately after in case of spatial accidents to remove dizziness and drowsiness. It gives a really exaggerated sense of perpetual awareness to its receivers for about 250 seconds till it makes it way throughout the nervous system, this time is almost impossible to forget and most beings remember this in very clear detail. The problem here is we have given you the Somanprozene XL which belongs to the same family of Irezenes and helps you remember events encoded in your permanent or temporary memory much clearly and chronologically. Now having been affected by both at once, I can only imagine how painfully detailed the next 250 seconds can be, as it will be impossible for you to tell the story otherwise.”

“Whoa” Annie said. “I don’t know what is categorised as rational fear, but if it were me I would say that this the most well calculated predicted and well documented kind of fear I’ve seen with the one scared having solid facts on which his fear is based on.”

“Ms. Greene you might black out after this time for almost an hour as your brain compensates for the heightened awareness.” Kalazi felt the effect of mixture of drugs kicking in her brain.

Annie had already started “The needle was pulled out my arm slowly, and was pulled in back of the suit with a nice click. The suit’s helmet was made of black hardened crystal like glass, or glass like crystal.” Annie said unfocused almost in a hypnotized voice. “Win walked towards us with his mucousy skin shining almost red under the orange light. The sound that the floor made when he stepped towards us was like ‘Thutch’,’Thutch’. I tried to step towards Wren wearing the suit fearing it would be impossible to do so. But the suit reacted instantly and stepped towards Wren with less than half the strength it would have taken me to make my own body to take a step towards him. As I stepped the suit went ‘Kwayyyi’. Wren turned his faced towards me which was barely visible behind the highly reflective green tinted glass in front of suit which shone green-orange under the light. He told me to follow him outside. His voice came breathy, raspy and mechanized from the speakers inside my suit. He walked towards the inward dented wall with heavy thud sounds. I followed him as I heard the squishy sound of Win entering the glass tube and the mechanical arm with a whirr of thousand motors bolted two metal pieces in front of his chest with a clink sound. Wren reached the wall, extended his right arm, and with a shutter sound a small pin like device with a spinning ball bearing like end came out of the suit from backside of his palm. It shot out a red beam of light from the pin like end with a high pitched sound as a barrage of clinks followed from the suit being assembled over Win. The metal wall melted where the beam struck it but it did not cut through it wholly, Wren traced a hole big enough for the suit waving his hand over the wall, he retraced it again, he retraced it thrice. As Wren cut through the wall I heard five distinct metal thuds and a crash as Win came up behind me, Wren waved retraced it two more times, then he took a step back and kicked the part with a deafening banging sound as the wall broke away and was sucked out instantly in space. Beyond it was some part of space ship whose other side of wall had been broken away and thousands of wires and jutting metal pieces lied bare.” Annie stopped for a breath almost involuntarily and started talking again. “ Beyond it was blackness of the space, yet it was quite not it all sorts of colours were visible in the distance while the area instantly outside was a brown gas dimly lit by something. And there were millions of rock pieces floating around slowly. The part of wall cut by Wren stuck one of the small ones almost soundlessly. In distance the broken part of the ship was visible being slowly pushed by a larger sized asteroid. That second I felt a tickling sensation in my stomach as we started to float. The pressure in the cabin had dropped and probably the artificial gravity of the ship was no longer working. Wren grabbed the sides of the hole and pulled himself out of the cabin. Win gave me a small push from behind and I did the same thing as Wren. I grabbed the sides and gave myself a pull and floated out the cabin to the now empty part of ship. “Engage E-suit flight boosters. Mark Suit Alpha 450 novice and engage mirroring flight route to Alpha 350.” Came Wren’s voice over the speakers.  A huge blast of air surprised me, as I saw red and yellow lights started to come from the shoulder blade joints of Wren’s suit. My suit to slowly lifted itself and was erect like I was standing. Wren’s voice came over the speakers again this time addressing me telling me to just move my shoulders to fly my suit directly behind me, he told me that most of the system would automatically follow him but tracking sharp turns in atmosphere full of nitrogen dioxide was hard. I nodded as another series of clings began coming from the cabin, Wren told me to bend my shoulders a little forward as his suit kicked off into space. I bent them and my suit went hurling towards the part of metal. I let out a small squeal as the asteroid grew bigger as it came nearer, when a display kicked on my suit’s helmet which tracked a curved line towards a square ad my suit was immediately pulled in other direction brushing the door as it struck against many smaller stones. The square locked itself on Wren’s flying suit as soon as it came into my field of view and I felt an immediate powerful thrust as it began to close in on him to eliminate any excessive distance, my suit followed him but he suddenly took a sharp turn to left of giant asteroid, and the square box on my helmet vanished leaving only a trail of dashed line in an opposite direction. Fear of getting lost in space gripped me the instant he went out of my view, leaving me for the first time out of my time from earth completely alone. Scared I turned my shoulders left too soon and bumped badly into the asteroid and rolled right ways into an another asteroid almost standing still, I bowled over the back of it. I was completely scared and it was only to save my life I decided to take control of the suit. I bent my shoulders forward again and it shot straight, bending them right I went around the rock and did turnaround the first one. The instant I did it, the square came back on, locked to a pinpoint in space and I felt the push of the thrusters again. The pinpoint slowly grew and began to look like a suit when it flied up a little and landed on a medium sized asteroid. My suit tracked a triangle next to the square and went to land on it. As I started to land Wren dropped on its surface. I landed and went running towards him when I felt my head grew heavy too, my surroundings blackened as I felt energy draining out of my body and went limp. I fell on the ground with a thud.” Annie completed her long in trance monologue as she blacked out.




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