Annie Stops Time Frankly Chapter 6- Wake Up Calls

 Annie Stops Time Frankly

 Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.


Wake Up Calls


 Annie woke up with a very light and funny feeling in her head. It was almost like the time someone had slipped a sleeping pill in her coffee when she refused to sleep to watch a marathon of a show detailing how to sleep well.

 “Hey are you fine?” Kalazi asked as she opened her eyes. His face warped into weird shapes till it decided to stop at one which Annie wasn’t sure was the same one before she passed out.

“Yeah!” Annie said minding herself not grab her forehead like a teenage heroine after waking from being passed out. “Just feeling like I overslept.”

“An absolutely normal reaction to the Somanoprozene XL which I gave you, it helps your brain relax. Infact I’ll give you one more shot of it before we begin again.” Kalazi said.

“Ok but can I get some coffee before I start again.” Annie asked.

“We have an equivalent of your cappuccino.”

“It’ll work.”

Kalazi walked towards his seat and sat down. Then he pressed a button on his seat.

“Someone will bring it here in a minute.” Kalazi said.

“No problem” Annie replied. “It’s still a lot faster than what I’m used to back home.”

“You know when I woke up after the blackout, Wren wasn’t up. And there was so much blinding light in front of me I for a moment thought I was dead and was ascending into heaven, but then a fiery tide shot up and I thought that actually I was descending into hell. But whatever the reason it was quite beautiful for few seconds till he woke up and had a panic attack. Apparently all that was happening was a dwarf star had pulled our asteroid it’s way while we were down and was gonna suck us in soon. Wren told me that without the suit we would have been toast by now. And I told him that without it we could not have reached the state in which we were about to be toasted.”

“You’re pretty humble comparing yourself to food.” Kalazi said.

Annie looked up towards Kalazi and smiled. “You didn’t get it, did you? I’m not being humble when I compare myself to toast. It’s a simple metaphor we use to say I would be burnt.”

“So this was not an off the record thing where we have an off the books heart to heart.”

“No! But it sure was a personal moment where I for once did really believe in the power of god universe, nature.”

“I would never understand this god concept that some of all the species in universe have, but I guess I do understand its significance to you as I know how majestic the sight of a star just a few thousand miles away from you can be, it’s the most bright and visible form of the energy my culture looks forward to.”

“It’s amazing that we are trillions of miles apart and still are so identical.”

Kalazi chuckled at Annie’s reply. “I would rarely call us identical. You humans don’t have even a basic one-way interstellar travel.”

“Thanks, I was dying to hear that.”

“You are really humble. I insulted your very species and you just thanked me admitting your shortcomings. I have no idea why humans aren’t a peaceful species.”

“Well most of us understand sarcasm, that’s why!” Annie said under her breath.

The doors behind Annie slid open as a floating tray with a perfume can and a gun like syringe entered the room and flew straight towards Kalazi. He grabbed the syringe. And sent the tray flying towards Annie with the perfume bottle.

“Drink it and relax.” He said.

“Well if you wanted me to relax maybe you shouldn’t have shown me the shot.” Annie said picking up the perfume bottle. She shook it and asked “Do I need to spray this in my mouth to drink it?”

“Yes” Kalazi replied as he broke of the seal from the tip of the needle. “And last time it didn’t hurt you when we gave you Somanoprozene.”

“Well it might be because I was passed out. I do it a lot these days.” She said as she pressed the tip into her mouth feeling really stupid as a stream of hot fluid came out which tasted like cappuccino. She wondered if serving cappuccino like this would be hit idea on earth. Worst part was that she was not entirely sure.

Kalazi stood up and went towards Annie. She squeezed her eyes as he brought the needle close to her arm. “You know I really cannot understand how this could ever hurt someone.” And he clicked the button on the gun like injector without ever piercing her arm. Annie felt a tingling sensation as highly pressurized gases hit her skin at a specific point. It was like being shot with a water gun.

Annie opened her eyes relieved but felt insanely hot for a half a second, then she relaxed.