Annie Stops Time Frankly Chapter 4 – Little Big Explosions

Annie stops Time Frankly


Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.


Little Big Explosions


Annie continued “Wren asked me to walk with him into the cockpit of the spaceship which he told me was the portion of the ship with the most volume. I rose with him from the room with grey floors and walls and for the first time looked at the teleporting pad which was actually just copper-coloured thin tubes going into base of the ship. With that we went into the hallway with entrances to the pantry, the teleport room, the bathroom and the cockpit. He walked over and opened the circular gate by a fingerprint scanner.”

“DNA scanner” interrupted Kalazi.

“Yeah I got to know that later, that it actually scanned the DNA off his finger, but at that point I thought it was a fingerprint scanner. Ok” barked back Annie. “Anyways we went into the cockpit and he introduced me to his weapons officer Win, basically a grimy octopus with extra legs and wooden brown, mucousy body, and his communication’s officer Zion, Win’s twin brother from his father’s another wife’s husband’s sister, and how is that possible don’t ask me but I had a hard time talking to them as they were comfortably twins with each other, as I had a very hard time believing that their parents were loyal to each other or to their brothers & sisters.”

“Yeah I know the relationship dynamics of the Sionisquians are rather hard to take in at once, since relational dynamics work very much on principles of ribose pattern matches in their external pituitary glands, in fact I have seen many couples married to each other and still unsure whether they were in the right husband and wives circle.” explained Kalazi.

“I guess I really won’t understand this relationship dynamics until I become a wife in some such circle.” Annie commented as she removed the piece of skin dried out under her thumb nail.

“No, you can. All you have to do is to read the full version of Galactic police issued book on intra-species relationship Dr. Tyikhxokh’ s book on the Galactic Personal & Social Abidance on 39000 different planets. It’s just a 100 year read and leaves a positive effect of factual awareness abundance on your mind.”

“Sounds like fun. So what do you suggest what should else should I sacrifice in addition to living for this book.”

“One other thing you would sacrifice is boredom.” Kalazi said trying to instil a sense of wonder in his voice to raise the girl’s anxiousness to read his personal favourite book, but his voice instead sounded like the squeal of mouse when an eagle swoops down to pick a mouse but then sees that instead he is the fatter one.

“Maybe, though I would need a lobotomy first. I guess you can arrange that pretty easily.” Annie eyed Kalazi.

“Indeed I can. Our people love cutting off a portion of their brain so we can regrow it. It feels amazing.”

Annie just stared weirdly at Kalazi not sure how to respond. “You may not know this, but people from Earth cannot regrow part of their brains if they are cut.”

“Really?” asked Kalazi surprised, “ then performing a lobotomy would be just stupid. I mean you would get stuck being a dumb chick all your life.”

Annie wondered how their conversation always rose in level of their stupidity, this time it had started with reading some book rising all the way up to cutting some brain. “I really think I need to complete this story before we reach home” she paused and added, “only if you want!”

“I don’t see how your story can be long enough to take more than three earth days, as you have been with Wren for two short days. But still in case if it is, go on.”

“Well Win and Zion welcomed me with smile and  I returned the courtesy, then sat down on the seat Wren instructed me to sit onto, I put on the stabilizer belts as he instructed the ship AI to prepare the hyper -space jump boosters, he told me that we will go straight to the Delta’s headquarters in the Andromeda galaxy. He told Zion to inform the Delta we were coming, and Win to be ready to blow anything that comes near us before Andromeda not that we were stopping before it. Seconds later a very high pressure built up in my ears and was almost gone that instant too after a second long burst of light and sound.” Annie stopped for effect and continued. “As soon as we stopped Zion told Wren with a very subtle tone of anxiety in his voice that we were not at Andromeda, not even close. Wren took to the display in front of him and called out with slight panic that the space jump boosters were dead. He told the AI to perform diagnostics on ship when Zion said that some ships were approaching them and were a few light seconds away.  Wren in a fit told them to turn on the main engine before telling them to stop as it would definitely throw us on their radars. And then the lights went out. Wren let out a small cry and I asked him what was happening. He didn’t even bother to answer me and instead asked Zion for our co-ordinates. He blabbered some numbers to Wren”

“Well don’t you remember, there’s no way you don’t remember it now. We gave you that drug for a reason.” Kalazi demanded.

“Uh… well” staggered Annie. “You know all this experience was new to me. So, trapped there I could only see imminent death. I was scared out of my mind. So, I cupped my ears with my hands hoping that it was all a dream and I would wake up screaming.” Annie said flinching.

“Hmm. I understand you fear what I don’t understand is how could you possibly confuse something real with a dream?”

“You know what you can’t, but that’s the whole point of it you try to pass grave dangers as just being a dream. No dream is that long or that vivid with perfectly detailed conversations, but denial is a strong emotion.” Annie told solemnly. “Besides covering my ear didn’t help that much I did hear the latter part of it that we might be caught and killed by the pirates as there was nothing else in that part of space except gas clouds and asteroids. Then suddenly Wren came up with this idea of hiding in the asteroid field a thousand miles to the starboard of the ship, but Zion complained that for that the ship’s engine would have to be turned on the back up nuclear based power source and then we would sure be easily tracked. You know by that point I almost started to think that either the brother Win was mute or had almost only as much idea about what the hell was going on as me. But it was then he told something that saved our lives.” Annie cleared her throat and continued. “He told Wren that we didn’t have to turn on the engine, all that was needed was to power up the weapon engine and then he would eject a fusion jacked torpedo to any random gas cloud at a calculated distance to our port and it could push the ship a thousand miles starboard into the asteroid belt, and the residual heat and radiation from the blast would mask the ship for a few minutes enough to get away. Zion asked them to do it fast as the pirates ship were only ten light seconds away. Wren quickly traced a line on the display floating under him, did a swiping gesture and pushed a red button that came up and the ship jerked as I imagined a big weapon ejecting and floating away. Wren told the ship AI to drop force fields on the port side of ship. Zion shouted in alarm that the pirates had arrived and were preparing to tractor them in. I covered my face and with a slight feeling of being sucked out for a moment, I was thrown to one side of my seat remaining in place only due to my seat-belts. I heard a deafening tearing sound with a huge pop as the metal walls on my left side began to dent in. And when the terrifying inward denting of the walls stopped, I was left out of breath again as the ship came to a stop by striking against an asteroid with such a great intensity that I was twisted and thrown to the opposite side of the chair to which I was previously thrown to almost cramping my neck. Some part of the ship broke away with a huge noise.”

“Wow that must have been intense.” Kalazi exclaimed anxiously.

“You bet.”

“You know you already have an experience in your short time in space that many can’t have in their lifetime.”

“Know what, they are lucky. Nobody would like to have this kind of an experience.”

“You bet they won’t like it. These people don’t have contact with any kind of petty thieves in their entire lifetime and you managed to be in the company of a big one since you entered space.”