Annie Stops time Frankly Chapter 3 – You don’t mess with time without endangering someone’s existence

Annie Stops Time Frankly

Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.

You don’t mess with time without endangering someone’s existence

Annie stood up and stretched her legs. She went towards the craft’s window and saw distant stars pass by in speeds hundred times more than light. Kalaziunga enjoyed sipping something extremely resistible from a tetra pack and Annie poured herself a glass of water to wet her throat. Back home Annie was an editor for the school newspaper and had a life so normal, it wasn’t worth mentioning. She contemplated cheating on her boyfriend once to add some spice to her life but the guy moved out of city before she could act upon it. She thought if that tragedy could induce some melodrama in her life but the best she could come up with was a yawn at their picture, apparently their relationship was not True Love serious as her friends had claimed.

After musing unnecessarily over her past boyfriend, Annie slowly took a sat back on the chair. “I guess, I’m ready now.”

“For what?” asked Kalazi.

“For continuing the story, obviously.” Annie mumbled .

“Oh you’ve got to tell me that. What’s with you dropping obscure hints.” Complained Kalazi.

“It was the only relevant thing I could be ready for, you know let’s not argue clearly we have different cultures. Let me just tell the story and you drop me home.”

“Ok, what’s with being that grumpy.”

Annie itched her forehead for a second then continued the tale. “I asked him what that had to do with me being sucked into a spaceship. But all he did was tell me relax and listen to his story witout interrupting him.” She said eyeing Kalazi. “Anyways he told me that after discovering this, the pirates decided to steal all of Earth’s gold which would leave the planet half ruined due to turning of every particle on earth as they suck out each and every atom of their precious gloser. For this they stole a highly experimental weapon in works for the Space Patrol Delta which could stop time for entire planets except people being shocked with quantum matter wave in their hypothalamus or equivalent glands. This weapon was stolen and transported directly to earth with the Delta in pursuit but the bad guys used it in time to stop all time on planet earth, but apparently the radius of its effect was much larger than estimated and froze the whole solar system in time as well as the delta in pursuit. Now the whole solar system in risk of collapse with a three star system nearby as the solar system stands still while the galaxy rotates on its axis. Though, somehow I wasn’t frozen in time.” Annie stopped and waited.

“So what?”

“Well don’t you have anything to say about me being not frozen.” She inquired.

“No. It’s a fact that one in ten million organisms might not get affected by the stopping of time due to the quanta nitro space-time fabric dampener not reaching enough to them or them being affected by some obscure source of quantum matter radiation. On earth there might be more than than half a thousand people not frozen in time. What do you want me to say?”

“Ah.. you know if I was back on earth right now and they knew that I wasn’t frozen when they were someone would call me special.”

“Wow, that’s real funny. I don’t think you are special in any way.” Kalazi laughed making a strong attempt at humour on his part, as he appreciated the girl’s attempt at a joke or atleast what he thought  was a joke.

Although for Annie it wasn’t even remotely funny. Though she was confused for moments about whether that comment was some kind of innocent humour in his culture, she let her anger take over. “Wow thanks, that was real encouraging.”

Kalazi gave a nod pleased that he had heightened the spirits of the young human girl.

Annie sullenly continued. “Wren was one of the guys with the delta who was out of the time freeze radius and was able to enter the Earth atmosphere in his ship undetected. There while monitoring all kind of signals which don’t get frozen in a time stop he saw one emerging from earth and teleported me up, with the intention of saving me from the pirates and to know more about earth so he could use my practical knowledge of earth in conjecture with the experience of the Delta forces to defeat them. I asked him if that could save my solar system from collapsing into stardust, and he promised that it was the easiest part, as the Delta forces were also working on a weapon with the opposite properties to restore the normal flow of time after their work was done.” Annie said eyeing the huge bazooka like structure with a thick motor on its back and a front with a hole as narrow as a pinhead.
“ Well I was scared that time thinking that I was trapped in some race against time to save the world from destruction movie, before he told me that the estimated time of collapse was a very short thousand earth years. Now everyone on my planet knows and accepts that the world would end in some thousand years, so its not that big a deal that everyone is trying to make this.” She concluded.

“Very well” Kalazi smiled. “but still we don’t know how you came into possession of this.” He said pointing at the intimidating machine.

“I am getting there. Be patient. I would have recounted all of the story till now if you hadn’t given me that drug to make me recall my memories crystal clearly. Now I can’t resist telling the story without details when I remember so much, It’s your own damned fault.” Annie shouted at him and felt content. All humans like be mean without any reason from time to time.

“Don’t get rough girl. We like drama not action.” complained Kalazi.

“Hey I did tell you that I don’t like interruptions, also put through my drama if you like it so much.” She said pleased with herself, but soon composed herself to tell the story. Space was definitely playing tricks with her mind. She recalled an awesome book about time-travel she had read earlier. Its front cover had said “You don’t mess with time without endangering someone’s existence.” She though it was apt and strangely funny.

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