Annie stops time Frankly Chapter 2- Space stories are always weird

Annie Stops Time Frankly

Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.

Space stories are always Weird.

“I asked him what that had to do with me being there? He told me that it was just because of that I was there.  He told me it is believed that an element ‘gloser’ exists which can stop aging in a vast amount of species in the universe making them almost immortal. For a long time it was believed that the element doesn’t exist and was just another of myths floating around in the hypergalactic continuum, till we found a piece of earth’s spatial craft. Found floating around the very edge of Andromeda galaxy by the intergalaxial space treasure hunters, this piece was found to be transported from the rare wormholes occurring in the edges of milky-way galaxy and was specifically from the planet Earth where his father was abducted from.” Annie shrugged.” Startled I asked him if I was abducted and was that why his story seemed to be so off point what I asked because there was no particular reason.” Annie fidgeted a little to make herself comfortable. This was going to be a long monologue without the fishman interrupting.

“He politely denied it, and said that he did not abduct people to poke around till he was really bored.” Annie continued.

“Well how did that sentence feel?” inquired the manoid-fish.

“I thought you did not want me to include my feelings into the story.”

The manfish stared at Annie for quite some time and then said. “Well I admit listening to your feelings make this story a bit interesting. A little spicy saucy story always does our species a little good. Now the galactic police wants us to record facts but doesn’t mean I can’t hear them without some zing to it. I can always serve them the bland dish.” He smiles rolling his eyes.

“You a cook on your planet?” Annie asked tense whether she was really talking to the right guy or she would have to recount all this to someone else in charge.

“What do you think?” he said proudly flashing his holographic detective pin batch on his chest from which a little 3D revolving model of his came out revolving with his name Kalaziunga Mazurizadan Mazaneiuo, his planet Rolou Maleikh and his designation Detective with the Fact-Telling branch under the story telling branch of the Interspecies interaction branch of the Third Stars Galaxy branch of the United Galactic Police written in all separate lines. The third line was specially spread across a large distance due to being written in all Caps and Annie had to lean over her chair in both directions to read it all.

“You are not a very high ranking official, are you?” Annie asked.

“No” admitted Kalaziunga rather brightly. “but I’m fast on my way to get the same job level in the Second Stars Galaxy. Pretty great, right?”.

Annie leaned back in her chair. The awkwardity of the situation was stressing her out. She had no idea if that was any better than what he got right now, as he would have to sit in the same kind of ship doing the same thing he was doing right now. But for the sake of politeness on behalf of the whole human society, which wasn’t that much polite ever she beamed at and said. “ That’s great.” And stopped before she even tried pronouncing his name. No need to spoil a kind moment she thought.

“Anyways, my mind did not even register it you know after space delta, time stops, random gloser data. So I didn’t react to it and he went on telling me that an element had the same sub-atomic level properties as gloser as was described in the legend.”

“You must have been quite surprised.”

“Nah, you know I wondered how interesting read would that story if it went on to describe all sub-atomic properties of gloser. Also I thought how helpful would it have been to us if our legends too described the atomic structure of The Sorcerer’s stone to us. Speaking of Sorcerer’s stone, he continued on to tell me that soon the scientists sent this data over to planet pirates heads as apparently they worked for them, who in turn sent a stealth observational and scientific laboratory spaceship on earth where they found out that the element having 197 nucleic particles was a well-known and highly sought after metal on the planet and was popularly known as gold.”

“Any reaction then? “inquired Kalaziunga.

“You know I knew that gold had pretty well anti-aging properties but the legend was a long way off it considered this immortality.”

“Well obviously it’s not to be used directly.”

“Yeah I know, it is to be reacted with leftover mass from neutron star collisions, which by the way are extremely less rare compared to gold to the tune of 2 to power 110110.”

“Okay, you know this is really exciting and saddening at the same time as I’m one of those species who are not on the list mentioned who can benefit from gloser in the legend.”

“You know with every passing moment it gets harder for me to consider even reading that legend, are you sure it’s not some science journal.”

“Yes quite sure they aren’t. Those journals always mention where the subject mentioned can be found unlike the legend’s original papers.”

Annie shot a thumbs up to Kalaziunga sarcastically, who had no idea what to make of that signal and thought she was just trying to be weird about that extra disfigured finger on her both hands and smiled at her just to seem polite in behalf of the planet Rolou Maleikh to the sole representer of an under-developed species of a third-stars galaxy’s dwarf planet.

“Can I like rest for fifteen minutes before telling you the rest of the story. Something here is stressing me out.”

“Sure” Kalaziunga replied relieved of escaping the very weird moment he had with that human, and pressed a button on his seat panel which quickly transformed the chair in a soft straight wide platform as it was something humans used to rest, unlike the very comfortable resting position of the Rolouings where they stood on their heads with their legs folded at knees. Sweet Dreams.


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Annie stops Time Frankly Chapter 1- The Time of ManFish’s life.

Never did I start posting the novel. Though quickly I would tell you that it was because I scraped that idea and today I start with a new one . I Hope you enjoy it. Genres are sci-fi and comedy.

Annie Stops Time Frankly

Note: This book is a work of fiction, any co-incidence with any person’s life living or dead is just awesome and we should dedicate our lives to find and ask him/her how to do it.

The Time of Manfish’s Life

Annie was no stranger to science fiction, but she was comfortable with it because it was after all fiction. So, when a spaceship stopped over her house to beam her in. She was surprised.

“Lady, You have to tell us the story from the beginning and we want no personal notes just account the story chronologically!” the green man said. His fin ears stooped.

“As always” Annie began yet again, this time trying to keep her story as impersonal as she could, just want to go home now. ”I was ready to take off to school with my mom” she told them, “When I felt as suddenly everything stopped. I was alone in my room at that moment. It was a very weird feeling.”

“C’mon Ms Greene. Please keep your feelings out of the narrative. We have no place for them.”

Annie stopped a bit irritated for being cut off for such a small mistake. It was almost impossible to make the story completely free of her feelings, being completely opposite in nature to what she had learnt to do all her life. “Ok” She took a deep breath and continued. “ To… investigate if I was indeed correct, I went down and was surprised to see everything frozen in time.”

“So you called a number?” he asked.

“I called my country’s emergency number not that I thought it would work but I was panicking and had no idea what to do next.” She told him.

“Record this” the green man told his assistant “The signal through which she was found was her calling an emergency number.” He turned his gaze towards Annie again. “ Please Continue.”

“Well, nothing happened when I dialled it, but seconds later with a pulling sensation I was on a spaceship. I tried to take hold of myself after it beamed me up”.

“Teleported you up!”

“Yeah, whatever beaming is the term for it I know from Star Trek”

“No, beaming and transporting are different things totally. One involves carbon copying of every molecule in your body and destruction of the original one. Teleporting is actual transport of every molecule in from the pickup to destination point”

“ I don’t see how this helps the story” asked Annie very irritably.

“Keeps our records 100% correct. A pulling sensation can only be due to actual transport.”

“Okay.” Annie took a long breath again. “Obviously, at once I didn’t know that I was in a spaceship because as far as I knew they didn’t exist.  So I tried to hide myself under the couch in the room I was in, when I heard approaching footsteps. That’s when he found me.”

“Who found you?” he asked.


“How?” he asked.

“Well he was on the spaceship” replied Annie.

“No why did you slip out from under the couch?” he asked.

“He called me by name and said I was not to fear him, as he was after all a half-human “replied Annie.

“Didn’t that startle you?” asked the green fishoid humanoid.

“Well time stopped, and I was teleported atleast he was half-human.”

“Hmmm… So you did not panic?”

“Didn’t get the time. It’s only now that I have got enough time to do that.”

“Okay, let’s hear more.”

“I slipped out and he helped me stand up. I thanked him and blurted out in a second if I was going crazy?”

“You thought you were crazy?”

“Not exactly, I was just thinking if someone had slipped me some psychedelic in the weed I smoked last night.”

“Weed? That Stuff that grows in water on earth. Why do you people smoke it? “asked the human-fishoid.

“No not that weed. Drugs weed. Marijuana weed.”

“Which psychedelic you thought you had been given?”

“The Mind-twisting realistic hallucinations inducing kind.” replied Annie bitingly.”Do you really want the listen to the whole story or are you just messing with me. Don’t tell me this is some sort of an intergalactic hyper-real prank.”

“This is no prank, I can tell you that.”

“Then please shut up!”


“He told me that I was not going crazy, but things happening around me were crazy. He made me sit on the couch and told me that he’ll go fetch me a glass of water. And he was back in few seconds with it, so after accepting the bottle I asked the first sane question . To quote me” Exactly what is going crazy besides me?”. He replied everything.”

“Did you fall in love at first sight with that guy, huh?” the fishmanoid asked.

“I didn’t fall in no bull at first shit.”

“So what did he replied.”

“He told me that there exists an organization in intergalactic space which protects new young worlds from the knowledge of existence of interspatial society till they themselves are advanced and ready enough to seek it out, so the development of those planets are according to their  planet’s natural course. This organisation known as the space patrol delta also keeps people from other developed planets from exploiting the underdeveloped ones.”

“Don’t tell me that didn’t sound phony!”

“You have no idea. I mean Space Patrol Delta. I could have done better, but unfortunately I was shocked enough to believe it that time. “

“Just so you know your planet didn’t come in extra-terrestrial contact because it’s located in uncharted regions of the third-stars galaxy The Milky Way which has virtually no resources. No wonder we didn’t know that there was even a planet with fourth-grade intelligence. The best we found was planet inhabited with grade-five intelligence honoic carbones or in your colloquial terms bacterium.”

“You are lucky that I don’t consider it offensive.”

“Why would you? You people don’t even have a interplanetary travel. Neither has the bacteria.”

“It’s not the same we have cars to traverse our own world.”

“Bacteria can do that too and without the need for wasting resources for that.”

“What about shuttles, planes, the educational system.”

“I did give you one higher grade, didn’t I?”

Annie breathed out again. It was hard to remain calm, but she needed to get home. “Ok”, she said “May I go on?”